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Gary Kwok

Managing Director

          Gary Kwok founded Chengze Investment and served as the president. Mr. Kwok’s main investment experience areas are TMT, smart hardware, finance, and pan-entertainment. Gary has experience in deals such as joint venture in a cultural technology industry fund of 1.6 billion and fund management of over 500 million in technology. In the technology fund, Kwok was responsible for multiple projects such as OurCam, Decoration Circle, Flash Hire, XR Education group and more. Most of the projects were also invested by Tencent, IDG. Innovative Factory, and other well-known investment institutions. Gary also has led the M&A projects including Hong Kong Jinrong Wealth Management fund. Kwok’s past experience include Guangzhou branch of the Global Markets Group, where he led a number of corporate marketing plans, including over 35 public and private companies.


Smart Technology

Tech Funds

Corporate Marketing

Investment Funds


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