Our Process

Summer Atlantic Capital’s process launches your technology into one of the world’s largest markets with ease. Through our complimentary process of initial market evaluation, we investigate your product’s potential in the Chinese market to gain a deep understanding of its viability. With our established relationships with trusted financial, manufacturers, distributors, legal, and regulatory partners, we help you develop a strategic business plan to execute your product into China. Once a satisfactory business plan is implemented, we provide your company with ongoing support and access to non-dilutive debt capital. We will be with you every step of the way until it is time to define and carry out the optimal exit strategy.


Initial Contact and Introduction

In this step, either party makes the initial contact and introduction. Here, we aim to better understand your company’s culture, vision, and goals for the future, allowing us to find the optimal structure for each individual company. 


Technology Evaluation

(1 Month)

We evaluate your company's technology. We have conversations with local experts perform an initial market evaluation including financial, manufacturing, distributors, legal, and regulatory. This helps us assess the feasibility and the level of interest. Complimentary process.


Elaborate Strategic Plan

(1-4 Months)

Our in-depth strategic plan identifies financial partners including state-owned funds or private entities, the legal structure, an overview of the operating structure costs, manufacturing costs, and any other questions needed to confirm the opportunity. Fee-based process.


Joint Venture Negotiations

(1-2 Months)

During the Joint Venture negotiations, we receive LOI's from potential partners and negotiate the conditions for closing.


Finalize Joint Venture

(2-4 weeks)

We work with all participating parties to finalize the Joint Venture agreements. 


Management & Enhancement

Once the Joint Venture begins, we continue to provide on-going operations support and even access to non-dilutive growth capital.



(Indefinite Time Period)

If applicable, we help companies assess their alternatives, including developing and executing the optimal exit strategy, which can include an IPO in the Hong Kong or Chinese market, or a private sale of the company.  

For more information about our process and receive a better understanding of how Joint Ventures in China work, click here to access our free informational PDF.