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We Provide Turn-Key Solutions To U.S. And EU Companies Seeking To Enter The Chinese Market.

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Summer Atlantic Capital brings innovative solutions to bridge the challenges experienced by companies that seek to enter the Chinese market, further expanding their geographical reach into the fastest growing economy in the world. Our entrenched relationships across the public and private sector allow us to find the right partnerships that best suit your expansion plan.

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​The Chinese Transformation

Over the last decade, China has seen transformational change, evolving from a sourcing destination with low labor costs to the second-largest consumer market in the world driven by an emerging middle class. Entering China is no longer about benefiting from low-cost manufacturing, but also about strategically reaching hundreds of millions of additional consumers with continuously rising incomes and net worth.

As China’s economic transformation continues and Chinese companies demonstrate their capacity to innovate, foreign companies need to carefully assess whether their products and services are properly suited for the local market. Summer Atlantic Capital can help you assess if your company’s technology aligns with China’s ever-expanding market. 

The Opportunity

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We will help you assess your technology’s potential inside the Chinese market, and optimize your business plan by immediately gaining access to our network of financial, manufacturers, distributors, legal, and regulatory partners. You will have a complete picture of your operational structure before the business plan is executed so you can rest assured that your expansion plans will go smoothly.



With our extensive connections all throughout China, we help your company develop the right team to provide ongoing support. With their continuous feedback, we always maintain a deep understanding of the current status of the expansion plan.



The expansion plan will be executed with the most suitable partners for your company. With the right strategic investors, state of the art manufacturers, and distributors with the most reach, your company can expand seamlessly into China under a joint venture or other structures. From implementing the operational foundation to developing an international team, we help you every step of the way to ensure that you execute flawlessly.


We are with you every step of the way, from beginning to end. We understand that each investment has its own unique time horizon. When you feel it is time to exit your investment, we offer numerous paths and provide you any guidance needed.


Flexible, Targeted, and Tailored Solutions to the Cultural, Transparency, and Political Challenges of Entering the Chinese Market

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The foundation of our partnerships begin with our sister company, Summer Atlantic Capital China, an established entity with deep rooted ties into the Chinese financial and economic system. Our sister company is capable of financing our JV partnerships and other structures, the outright acquisition of the technology, or the rights to the technology for the Chinese market and beyond.