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About Us

A guiding principle in Chinese society is Guanxi, a term meaning “networks” or “connections” of personal relationships that help open doors, perform favors, and facilitate deals. Intelligent foreign companies entering China understand the importance of Guanxi during business negotiations and cultivate it by hiring employees with close ties to their counterparts, or by developing their own relationships with key contacts. Guanxi can be best described by the adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Our team members have the relationships to help you achieve optimal results.

Our Team

Heading 2

Core Team

Sebright Chen

Sebright Chen.jpg

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Government Relations & Advisory Team

Yuan Haiying

Venture Advisor 

Yuan Haiying.png

Michael Wu

Government Relations

Michael Wu R.jpg

Miao Yong


Venture Advisor

Luna Keng

Venture Advisor

Luna Keng.png

Industry Management & Operations Team

Robert Yu

Venture Advisor

Robert Yu.jpg

Savio S. Chan

Venture Partner

Savio S Chan.jpg

Kang Daoyuan

Venture Advisor


Peter Liu

Partner & Managing Director

Peter Liu.png

Fund Management Team

Thomas M. Dean


Thomas Dean.jpg

Luis Mejia



John M. Probandt


John M Probandit.jpg

Venture Advisor

Chen Ze

Venture Advisor

Chen Ze.jpg

Catherine Shen

Partner Lawyer

Catherine Shen.png

Liya Chen


Liya Chen.jpg

Michael Cheah

Venture Advisor


Mingqiang Li

Venture Partner

Mingqiang Li.jpg
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