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Chen Ze

Venture Advisor

Chen Ze is a modern agriculture engineer and has a deep passion for intelligent agriculture/ agriculture technology. Born in 1965, he  worked as deputy director of Baixia District tax bureau from 1982 to 1991, and then went to Japan to study. He was the regional manager of Nanjing Panda International Communication Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and the sales director of Shenzhen Xingchuan Communication Co., Ltd., and later founded the company and served as the chairman of the company. He has held many position, such as Deputy Secretary General of Agricultural science and technology park branch of Chinese Agriculture Association, manager of information technology branch of China animal husbandry and Veterinary Association, Secretary General of intelligent agriculture branch of Jiangsu Agricultural Association, executive director of Jiangsu Aquatic Products Association, and Jiang Zemin Jiangsu Province Rural Professional Technology Association executive director, Deputy Secretary General of Nanjing Agricultural Association, etc. During the period of leading the company's steady development, he has obtained more than 70 software copyrights and patents, and was named "Jiangsu Science and technology entrepreneur" by the Organization Department of Jiangsu provincial Party committee in 2018.


Government Officials


Chinese Agriculture Association

Intelligent Agriculture

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