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Our Licensing and Distribution Process

Summer Atlantic Capital’s Licensing and Distribution process will help you penetrate the Chinese market, a trillion dollar market growing at high single digits. Through our complimentary process of initial market evaluation,

we assess the viability and the potential of your product and technology in the target market. With our established relationships with trusted Licensing and Distributorship partners, we help you develop a strategic business plan to execute your product expansion into China. Once the Licensing/Distributorship agreement begins, we provide your company with ongoing support till the time you are in the agreement. Apart from developing the optimal exit strategy, we will also help you find the best alternatives that will help you to operate smoothly in the Chinese market.


Initial Contact and Introduction

In this step, usually, the party makes the initial contact and introduction. Here, we aim to better understand your company’s culture, vision, the purpose of entering the market, and goals for the future, allowing us to find which mode of market entry is better for your company  


Technology Evaluation

In this step, our company evaluates your technology. Through our network of local experts, we perform an initial market evaluation of the licensing, distributorship, and regulatory aspects of your technology. This will help us assess the feasibility of the project. Complimentary process. 


Elaborate Strategic Plan

We develop an in-depth strategic plan to find the most suitable partners for you, in the form of licensees or distributors. This is done based on pre-determined criteria, after considering which, we shortlist the best partners for you. Various resources and management-based criteria points are used to evaluate the existing options. Fee-based process.  


Licensing/ Distributorship Negotiation

After shortlisting various licensees/distributors based on the predetermined criteria, terms and conditions for the partnership agreement are discussed. After receiving the LOIs from the potential partners, we may negotiate the conditions for closing, depending upon the terms mentioned in the LOI.


Finalize Licensing/Distributorship

After negotiating and arriving at the best possible terms, we work with the potential partners to finalize the agreement and validate the business scope.


Execution and Operations Support

Once the Licensing/Distributorship operations begin, we guide you in performing other arrangements and also provide ongoing operations support. Our expert team guides you to ensure smooth operations in the targeted market. 



We help our clients in developing and executing an exit strategy from the licensing/distributorship agreement. Apart from this, we also help them in developing other alternatives of operating in the target market. 

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