Our Partners

Summer Atlantic Capital's extensive network of qualified financial, manufacturing, and distribution partners allows your company the ability to set up operations with key players all throughout China. Our team meticulously assesses every one of our partners, from the facilities to their management team. With access to our vetted partners and personal relationships, we help reduce your company's time to market, rapidly connecting you with trusted manufacturers, distributors, and other partners. With our broad and diverse contact list of internally vetted partners, we aim to bring Guanxi to international companies seeking to develop business deals in China.


We help identify the strategic and financial investors in China that best suit your company’s interests. Summer Atlantic Capital China, our sister company, has its own investor pool for acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and other structures. In addition, we have access to their established deep-rooted relationships with large private investors, qualified strategic investors, institutional investors, as well as state-owned funds across every sector of interest. These partnerships will allow your company to capitalize on the ownership of your intellectual property and increase its reach to millions of additional customers with a minimal capital investment towards the venture. 



Summer Atlantic Capital’s extensive network of qualified manufacturing partners allows us to find the most suitable manufacturer for your company’s product. We vet all our manufacturing partners and work only with state-of-the-art facilities that are capable of high quality, high means of production, and capable of achieving the most complex specifications. Our partners manufacturing faculties have the ability to meet all regulatory agencies specification throughout the US and Europe, including FDA and CE approved facilities. We not only vet the capabilities of the manufacturing facility but also their management team. With our broad and diverse contact list of internally vetted manufacturers, we have a trusted partner for every situation. We help your company by expediting your product’s time to market and ensure the quality of your products isn’t compromised while reducing manufacturing costs.



Our distribution partners include the largest state-owned and private entities with sales channels reach beyond all major Chinese cities. We understand the Chinese distribution process, and have set up a multi-tier distribution platform that ensures maximum reach into the Chinese markets.