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Luna Keng

Luna Keng is a Partner of Yuan Associates and joined in April, 2014. As a seasoned GA & PA expert, Mrs. Keng not only provides thorough government affairs services to her clients, but she also provides other boardroom consulting services such as business development services, market strategies, and team management.


During her 15-year career life, Mrs. Keng has provided government affairs services to over 20 multinational corporations, from various industries like chemical, manufacturing, auto, and consumer goods, as well as local governments in China and some foreign government agencies. Through her experience, Mrs. Keng has developed strong lobbying skills and an in-depth understanding of China’s policy environment and she has vast experience in government advocacy, policy influence, and promoting cooperation between companies and the Chinese government.


Prior to joining Yuan Associates, Mrs. Keng served her early years in the advertising center of Xinhua News Agency, in charge of the cooperation between central government and local governments/enterprises. After Xinhua News Agency, she ran herown PR company, specializing in providing GA and PR services for local governments and foreign government agencies to help them set up cooperation with Chinese central government.


Mrs. Keng holds her Master degree of international political economy from Renmin University, and her Bachelor degree of Law and TEM-8 for English from BFSU.

Venture Advisor

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International Relations

Chinese Central & Local Governments

Foreign Enterprises

Chinese Law 

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