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Mingqiang Li

Mingqiang Li,  founder and CEO of OCEEQ Tech Development Co., Ltd has served as the senior partner and a core member of Yingke Law Firm and Jingshi law firm. Minggiang Li is familiar with China’s multi-level capital market and industrial development policies. Li has nearly 20 years of experience in equity design, merger and reorganization, enterprise listing and investment in high-tech projects.


Li has held positions including the Executive Dean of Zhongcheng Ten Billion Industry Research Institute, Partner of Zhongfangxin Capital, Director of Tsinghua University-OCEEQ (Beijing) Innovation Center, and an angel Investor. His education includes an MBA of Tsinghua University, a visiting scholar of Future Leadership Program of California State University San Diego, and a Stanford University visiting scholar.

Venture Partner

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Chinese Law

Investment Funds

International Law

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Industrial Development

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