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  • Chuck Cai

Chairman of SAC chaired the panel on the Horasis USA Meeting

The Horasis USA Meeting was held on 4 March, 2022 (US Eastern Time). From 21:30 to 22:15, Mr. Sebright Chen, Chairman of Summer Atlantic Capital chaired the panel “China’s New Future – of Levelling Out with Lower Growth” with these fellow panelists.

They discussed key topics and questions such as

  • What are the similarities for US and China in the business context, and what are the things both countries could collaborate to better manage chaos and challenges in the business world?

  • How do you think the lower GDP is going to affect China’s growth and why the slower GDP from your understanding?

  • How do you think about the impact of a lower growth/GDP for China and western companies doing business there?

  • What are the impacts for international trade and manufacturing between US and China and potentially the globe under Covid and trade sanctions?

Conclusion and key takeaways for today’s panel:

  • The numbers behind the US-China trade and economic relationship look great. However, the bilateral relationship is icy cold and there is virtually no communication between the two sides.

  • Business is not done in a vacuum. Sectors are shifting, so do collaborations between US and China and both countries shall collaborate on its advantageous aspects for a better outcome.

  • Although businesses are doing well right now, almost all businesses are concerned about what the future may hold. Perhaps there will be more opportunities after the political seasons in November of this year.


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