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Mr. Sebright Chen Chaired Horasis VC Panel

Horasis Unveils Groundbreaking Perspectives on VC Markets in Asia with Distinguished Panel

Horasis, the premier global visions community dedicated to inspiring our future, hosted an impactful panel discussion on Asia's burgeoning venture capital landscape. The session, "Understanding the DNA of a Developing VC Market," was chaired by Mr. Sebright Chen, Chairman and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital. On April 15th, 2024, from 16:30 to 18:00, an assembly of distinguished investors and entrepreneurs converged to explore the fabric of venture capital investments in the rapidly growing economies of China, Vietnam, and the broader Asian region.

Mr. Sebright Chen initiated the proceedings with profound opening notes, articulating the essence of venture capital as the lifeblood of burgeoning markets. He delineated the sector's intrinsic ability to navigate the turbulent waters of economic uncertainty and to identify potential amidst the opaqueness that characterizes emerging markets.

Mr. Chen’s insight, drawn from his career—from spearheading a technology startup to leading a global investment firm—underscored the panel's significance. His accolades, including The Most Innovate Financial CEO of The Year 2024 and Financial CEO of The Year China 2023, bespeak his profound understanding of the subject matter.

The panel itself was an assembly of titans in the venture capital sphere, each bringing a depth of knowledge and regional expertise. Seamon Chan, representing Palm Drive Capital from the USA, illuminated the conversation with his insights into cross-border collaborations and adjustments companies must make to thrive in the APAC region's diverse markets. JP Gan, the founding partner of INCE Capital, China, drew upon his years of being recognized as a top global venture capitalist by Forbes to discuss the shifts in Chinese market dynamics and evolving investment strategies post-2019.

Singapore’s Rob Garrett, from Hezar Ventures, stressed the potential of green technology startups in Southeast Asia, encapsulating the urgent need for environmentally-conscious investing. The United Kingdom's perspective came from Murthy R. Nuni of Marshal Funds, who emphasized the burgeoning appetite for sustainable and responsible investments in Asia. Rhea See, from She Loves Tech, Singapore, underscored the rise of female entrepreneurs in technology within the Asian markets, shedding light on the evolving landscape of gender equity in VC funding. Trung Hoang from VinaCapital Ventures, Vietnam, completed the panel and shared his extensive experience and the anticipated future trajectory of the Vietnamese venture capital ecosystem.

Midway through the panel, Mr. Chen adeptly guided the discussion through a series of poignant questions that prompted each speaker to share their strategies and experiences in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in developing VC markets. The dialogue ventured into the realms of impactful business models, risk management, and the inherent challenges startups face in these dynamic economies.

As the event neared its conclusion, Mr. Chen invited the panelists to partake in a forward-looking query, urging them to identify key factors and trends that stakeholders in the venture capital ecosystem must prioritize to foster sustainable growth and innovation over the next decade. The consensus among the panelists highlighted the imperatives of agility in strategy and the foresight in leadership—elements that are crucial in steering the venture capital industry toward a prosperous future.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Chen encapsulated the essence of the panel's discourse. "As we wrap up our discussion today, it is palpable that while each market presents its own set of unique challenges, the common threads of adaptability, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth are what bind us together in our collective pursuit of progress," he articulated. He emphasized the importance of collaboration across borders and industries to unlock the immense potential that these dynamic markets hold for the future of venture capital.

The event culminated with an open floor, where Mr. Chen invited the audience to pose questions to the panelists, fostering an inclusivity and collective learning environment. The interaction was a testament to the panel's success in igniting curiosity and the desire for knowledge among the participants, further solidifying Horasis's role as a catalyst for global economic dialogue.

The Horasis panel on "Understanding the DNA of a Developing VC Market" stands as a beacon of knowledge, with the shared insights set to resonate with attendees and beyond. The thought-provoking session underscored the critical role of venture capital in sculpting the economic landscape of Asia's developing markets. It served as a clarion call for astute investors and ambitious entrepreneurs to harness the insights and capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities the Asian VC market presents.


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