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Mr. Sebright Chen is Awarded Investment Management Chairperson of The Year 2023

Mr. Sebright Chen, Founder and Chairman of Summer Atlantic Capital, was awarded the Investment Management Chairperson of The Year 2023, Greater China by CEO Monthly, a leading international management magazine, in the United Kingdom on November 8, 2023.

CEO Monthly aims to offer the very latest insight, interviews and profiles of Chief Executive Officers from across the corporate landscape.

For the third year running, the Chairperson Awards has returned to celebrate the great achievements of those acting as a guiding light for their business and clients. From retail and hospitality design to aviation, environmental services, and much more, this year’s Chairperson Awards features a diverse assortment of individuals making their mark on their respective industries.

About Summer Atlantic Capital

Summer Atlantic Capital is an active manager and operator that brings innovative solutions to bridge the challenges experienced by companies seeking to enter the global market. We not only help companies with novel technology expand into the global market by providing financial support and access to our established and trusted network of manufacturers, distributors, and service providers required for a successful expansion, but also manage and operate the new venture to grow together with our clients and partners sustainably. For more information, please email us at:


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