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Summer Atlantic Capital Chairman and CEO, Mr. Sebright Chen Awarded APAC Investment Management CEO of the Year 2024

June 11, 2024 - Summer Atlantic Capital is thrilled to announce that its Chairman and CEO, Mr. Sebright Chen, has been honored with the prestigious APAC Investment Management CEO of the Year Award for 2024. This accolade is part of the APAC CEO of the Year Awards, hosted by APAC Insider, recognizing the exceptional leadership and innovative achievements of CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Chen's award comes at a time when the APAC region is demonstrating remarkable economic resilience and growth. As a visionary leader, Mr. Chen has been instrumental in driving Summer Atlantic Capital to new heights, leveraging cutting-edge AI and digital technologies to stay ahead in the competitive investment management landscape.


With an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a notable role as Chairman of the Venture Capital Council at the International Trade Council, and the leadership council member at the National Small Business Association in the US, Mr. Chen has consistently exemplified excellence in his field. His previous accolades include being named The Most Innovative Financial CEO of the Year 2024 and Financial CEO of the Year 2023 by International Investor Magazine, among other international honors.


The APAC CEO of the Year Awards celebrates CEOs who have made significant contributions to their organizations and the region. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the most deserving candidates are recognized, irrespective of their company's size or location.


APAC Insider's annual awards program underscores the region's influential role on the global stage, with a particular focus on its rapid embrace of AI and digital transformation. As APAC continues to lead in technological innovation, leaders like Mr. Chen are pivotal in navigating the opportunities and challenges of this dynamic landscape.


For more information about the APAC CEO of the Year Awards and to learn about the other distinguished winners, please visit:


About Summer Atlantic Capital:

Summer Atlantic Capital is a leading investment management firm with specialization in international expansions, committed to delivering innovative financial solutions and fostering sustainable economic growth.


For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with Mr. Sebright Chen, please contact:


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