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Summer Atlantic Capital Limited Hong Kong Announces Full North American Business Launch

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

HONG KONG (PRWEB) November 20, 2020

Access the Chinese market with your cutting edge technology through a joint venture partnership. Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. will deliver the necessary tools to succeed including capital, manufacturing, distribution, operations, and IP protection.

Summer Atlantic Capital Limited is proud to announce the successful launch of its full business operations in North America and Europe with its marketing division located in the United States.

Summer Atlantic Capital Limited, through its sister company Summer Atlantic Capital China, has secured all the necessary capital to facilitate joint venture partnerships as well as strategic acquisitions of companies that add GDP to the Chinese economy. These transactions will be funded through Summer Atlantic Capital China, while the joint venture partnership itself will be managed by Summer Atlantic Capital Limited.

For almost 2 years, Summer Atlantic Capital China has been establishing relationships with state-owned enterprises, investment funds, as well as other strategic corporate and private investors giving us access to virtually unlimited capital to complete cross-border transactions, specifically with North American and European companies.

Sebright Chen, Chairman & CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital Limited, states:

“China, a world leader in joint venture partnerships, understands the importance of new technologies and the GDP growth they bring. Summer Atlantic Capital Limited is looking for companies that will benefit from a Chinese presence that provides reduced production cost and enhanced distribution into the fastest growing economy in the world. Fortune 500 companies enter the Chinese market as joint ventures enabling them to access large amounts of expansion capital while developing a streamlined path to profitability. It’s no secret that having strong relationships play a critical role when entering the Chinese markets. Summer Atlantic Capital Limited prides itself on the depth of its business and political rolodex. In some instances, the right path is a JV partnership managed by Summer Atlantic Capital Limited, and in others, a license of the technology, or an outright acquisition through Summer Atlantic Capital China.”

If your company is interested in learning more about a joint venture opportunity and expanding your technology into China while maximizing shareholder value, please contact our US marketing division by visiting We have a preference for cutting-edge technologies related to healthcare, robotics, automotive, telecommunications, energy, agriculture, and artificial intelligence.

About Us: Summer Atlantic Capital Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong, with its finance division, Summer Atlantic Capital China, in Beijing, China, and its marketing subsidiary, Summer Atlantic USA, in New York, NY. Summer Atlantic Capital Limited Mailing Address Room 8, 11/F, Wang Fai Industrial Building, 29 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone Number: US Sales Division - 866-202-4462 Email: Info@SummerAtlantic.US


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