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Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. Signs Strategic Agreement with ZiFund

HONG KONG (PRWEB) January 7, 2021

Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. and ZiFund enter into a strategic agreement to ensure maximum returns for Joint Venture Partners and Investors.

Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. is proud to announce a new strategic agreement with ZiFund, a 10 year-old established M&A and private equity fund headquartered in Beijing. This strategic agreement ensures our Joint Venture (“JV”) partners maximize their investments by utilizing ZiFund’s financing and experience in public listings. As our JV’s succeed and mature, ZiFund helps identify potential paths for enhanced profitability including acquisitions, mergers, management buyouts, and IPOs/ public listings. Zifund is the first of several expected partnerships that Summer Atlantic will initiate with these strategies.

As part of the strategic agreement, ZiFund will have access to Summer Atlantic’s extensive rolodex of government and regulatory officials, distribution, and manufacturing partners for the benefit of their clients.

Sebright Chen, Chairman & CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. addresses the importance of the agreement:

“As our Joint Ventures mature, their shareholders will be looking for further business expansion opportunities, profit distributions, and even exit strategies. We will achieve these objectives with the support and expertise of ZiFund and their subsidiaries. ZiFund has a 10 year proven track record in mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts, and has led and participated in numerous IPOs resulting with listings on all major exchanges throughout the world.”

About Summer Atlantic Capital

Summer Atlantic Capital is a Hong-Kong based entity with a sister company, Summer Atlantic China (our private equity group) based in China, and a North American marketing arm, Summer Atlantic US. We focus on discovering companies with advanced technologies that are beneficial to the Chinese market. We work with the owners of these technologies to structure JV partnerships with strategic Chinese entities or individuals that have expertise in the respective field. In addition, Summer Atlantic arranges for the necessary capital to finance the joint ventures, which could include direct participation by our sister company, Summer Atlantic China, private individuals, business entities, or even state-owned funds. Summer Atlantic evaluates the feasibility of these technologies and how they could potentially enhance the Chinese consumer while at the same time simultaneously adding GDP growth into the Chinese economy. Summer Atlantic takes an active role from the formation of the JV all the way up to and including operations and the development of an exit strategy for the JV’s shareholders. Summer Atlantic Capital consists of a growing core team of over 25 executives with C level experience across a wide range of industries interacting with some of the world’s largest corporations. Our Executive team prides itself on their proven track record and rolodex of relationships throughout industry and government.

About ZiFund

ZiFund is a registered M&A and private equity fund headquartered in Beijing. For 10 years ZiFund has been helping companies worldwide meet their financing and investment needs. ZiFund specializes in exit strategies for investors through management buyouts, M&As, and IPOs and currently has nearly 7 billion Rmb in AUM/ committed capital. ZiFund, through its subsidiaries, led and participated in numerous IPOs through major exchanges including the NYSE, Nasdaq, Shanghai, and HKEX. Their subsidiaries include Beijing Zhongyi Fund Management Co., Ltd.; Beijing Shengsheng Dingsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.; Golong Capital, Zhongyi Parasol, among others.


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