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Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With Sinopharm Group Ltd.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Kowloon, Hong Kong (PRWEB) December 09, 2020

Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. signs strategic partnership agreement with SinoPharm Group Ltd. to deliver cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical device technologies under Joint Venture agreements to mainland China from Europe and North America.

Summer Atlantic Capital Limited is proud to announce the signing of its Strategic Partnership Agreement with Sinopharm, a leading healthcare group in China, to introduce cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical device technologies to mainland China. Summer Atlantic Capital has established a process to identify and approach companies from both North America and Europe that are qualified by possessing cutting-edge medical technologies that would be beneficial to the Chinese market. Upon identifying the candidates, Summer Atlantic, through its own private network and third-party strategic partners which now includes the addition of Sinopharm, will assess these technologies to determine if they are beneficial to the Chinese medical community while simultaneously fueling Chinese GDP growth.

Summer Atlantic has built a core team and an external network consisting of key individuals and third-party partners; with the addition of Sinopharm Summer Atlantic Capital can now perform a more detailed evaluation on all new medical technologies covering everything from revenue forecasting to licensing, manufacturing, and distribution. The more detailed analysis will help validate the benefits of the new medical technologies and the value they add to the Chinese medical system and its patients. “With the addition of Sinopharm, our evaluation process for medical technology has been substantially enhanced. Sinopharm has an infrastructure that spans well across the Chinese medical community. Summer Atlantic will access the infrastructure that Sinopharm has set up specifically for medical technologies to further ensure a successful JV for all participants.” says Sebright Chen, Founder and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd.

“Sinopharm has built infrastructure including a cutting edge R&D department that can evaluate medical technologies from all aspects including feasibility and acceptance, regulatory and compliance, pricing, and distribution into the Chinese medical system. At the same time because of their size and reach, they obtain instant feedback from premier hospitals, doctors, and patients that could further substantiate a successful product launch and JV opportunity in China” continues Sebright.

“Because Sinopharm has such a large footprint in the Chinese medical community they can leverage that footprint to successfully evaluate these new medical technologies introduced by Summer Atlantic Capital. Together we can further strengthen the likelihood of a successful JV and support those technologies by having Sinopharm take a lead role in the CFDA approval process, sales & distribution, as well as potentially participating with direct investments into the joint venture itself either initially or as the JV expands.” Sebright concludes.

Summer Atlantic Capital’s core team as well as its network of partners will further that evaluation by leveraging its contacts and their expertise in related fields, who will become involved in the operational and financial components of these newly formed joint ventures. Partners investing in the JV along with our sister company Summer Atlantic China will further increase the likelihood of success for the newly formed entities. Summer Atlantic will work with its legal and financial advisors to structure the joint ventures in a manner that is beneficial to all participants. The joint ventures will be structured in a way that allows the new JV entity to own the intellectual property associated with their technologies when distributed in the Chinese market. Structured under these terms, a successful joint venture will generate additional opportunities for the JV’s participants, as well as key partners and outside investors, to capture future profits and enhanced market capitalization from potential public listings in both the Chinese and Hong Kong capital markets. It will be Summer Atlantic’s job to facilitate, negotiate, and manage these joint ventures from inception through operations, and potentially a public listing or sale.

In addition to evaluating these medical technologies, Sinopharm will play an active role in the JVs which may include multiple phases of capital contributions, sales & distribution, as well as advisory and/or board participation assisting and guiding through the regulatory process for CFDA and other regulatory approvals.

About Summer Atlantic Capital

Summer Atlantic Capital is a Hong-Kong based entity with a sister company, Summer Atlantic China (our private equity group) based in China, and a US marketing arm, Summer Atlantic US. We focus on discovering companies with advanced technologies that are beneficial to the Chinese market. We work with the owners of these technologies to structure JV partnerships with strategic Chinese entities or individuals that have expertise in the respective field. In addition, Summer Atlantic arranges for the necessary capital to finance the joint ventures, which could include direct participation by our sister company, Summer Atlantic China, private individuals, business entities, or even state-owned funds. Summer Atlantic evaluates the feasibility of these technologies and how they could potentially enhance the Chinese consumer while at the same time simultaneously adding GDP growth into the Chinese economy. Summer Atlantic takes an active role from the formation of the JV all the way up to and including operations and the development of an exit strategy for the JV’s shareholders. Summer Atlantic Capital consists of a growing core team of over 25 executives with C level experience across a wide range of industries interacting with some of the world’s largest corporations. Our Executive team prides itself on their proven track record and rolodex of relationships throughout industry and government.

About SinoPharm

Sinopharm is a large healthcare group directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, with 128,000 employees and sales for 2019 of over 425 billion Yuan.

Sinopharm Group Company Limited is principally engaged in the distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. The Company operates through three business segments. The Pharmaceutical Distribution segment is engaged in the distribution of medicines, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products to hospitals, other distributors, retail drug stores, and clinics. The Retail Pharmacy segment is engaged in the operation of medicine chain stores. The Other Business segment is engaged in the distribution of laboratory supplies, the manufacture & distribution of chemical reagents, as well as the production and sales of pharmaceutical products.

Sinopharm Group has built a nationwide logistics and distribution network for drugs, medical devices, and equipment, including 5 logistic hubs, more than 40 provincial-level centers, and over 240 municipal-level logistic sites. By establishing the smart medical service system, Sinopharm delivers quality services to more than 230,000 clients throughout China.


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